Cool life hack: Only ever buy yourself band t-shirts so that then when you see an actual shirt that you think is kinda cute your mom will buy it for you immediately because she’s just happy that it isn’t another band shirt.


"When I leave this world, I ain’t owing nobody nothing."

Orange Is the New Black 
Jenji Kohan

I Writes Sins Not Tragedies (2005) 

Girls/Girls/Boys (2013)

Orange Is the New Black is a story of…

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its hard being hilarious when everyone ignores you

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Orange Is the New Black at the NYC pride parade!


harry: lol not dating paige
paige: im dating harry :)
harry: what the fuck did i JUST say


Never Lose Your Flames - Issues

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this should be the way to observe animals, not with them locked up in cages.

this plays with ur mind

Someone would still manage to get eaten and ruin it for the rest of us

what if it pees or shits while its on top


Do you ever just wish you could unmeet someone? like maybe they were great up first, or even for awhile. But then they cause you so much pain and sadness that it wasn’t even worth the good times. So now they’re just stuck in your life, in your fuckin thoughts. You want them out but nope, forever they’ll be part of you.